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Hair loss affects most men and women who are ageing. However, some people who are much younger also experience hair loss due to their genetic makeup. This condition is also intensified by factors such as stress, hormonal changes, medications, and illnesses. It is a fact that hair loss is hereditary. It is natural to lose hair on a daily basis but the abnormal thing is when the shedding hair is replaced by weaker hair until eventually no more hair grows on that part of the head. The part of the head that is not usually prone to excessive hair loss is the back and side portions of the head. Some people just let their hair fall and do nothing about it while some spend their fortune just to get back their precious hair.

Hair loss treatments can vary from natural to artificial treatments. Science provides medical advancements that can make surgeries more convenient and less painful for the patients. People react differently on artificial treatments. Some have a positive response on these medical procedures as they are effective and results are immediately seen. These treatments are also carried out by surgical experts who can handle operations professionally. However, for some people, artificial procedures pose health risks for the patient. Natural hair transplant is much safer than artificial treatments. Additionally, these are also as effective as the surgical treatments but this involves no pain. Surgical processes always involve pain and scarring. The appearance of the scalp after surgery is not very pleasing as surgical operations often leave unsightly scars that may leave the patient unhappy about his operation. Natural hair transplant is much cheaper than surgical procedures. Aside from this, they are also less stressful.

Natural hair loss treatments require that the person should eat proper diet. Eating nutritious food provides the body with essential nutrients that would nourish the scalp and enhance hair growth. Engaging in physical activities such as sports or workouts allow the blood to circulate properly. Massaging the scalp also enable right circulation in the scalp and enhance hair growth. Food supplements would also help in supplying the body with the right nutrients to aid in hair growth.

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Natural Hair Transplant

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This article was published on 2010/09/26