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Your hair is curly, thick and bulky and do not just want to know in order to remain, despite all your efforts? Here is an easy hairstyle to collect them and get a great look nice and lion less than usual in just 5 minutes. To tame your hair you need some hair clips and spray polish.

Step 1: - The realization of hairdressing is very simple to start, take a section of hair about 10 cm the forehead and to reassure them on top of the head with a pair of tongs. You can also use some spring in front, if you want to set some curly rebels.

Step 2: - If your hair is very long and have become a form of fungus, you can avoid this by taking a small section of hair from above the right ear and another from above the left ear, then the two cross sections and to reassure behind the neck with other clips. For a jaunty effect, you can let a few strands of hair fall over his ears. Finally, complete the hairstyle vaporizing spray polish on the entire crown.

If you want to get in order all day you must learn to create hairstyles with long hair: This type of hairstyle is perfect for day to evening because it gives a neat appearance but at the same time elegant.

• There are several variations of hairstyles with long hair, for example, is back in fashion the hair braided in different versions. You may try to braid the hair along with a satin ribbon (to match the dress) to be fixed at the top of the braid, or you can still roll the braid around the neck and secure it with hairpins. If you are a bit 'naive test instead to weave a soft and just let it fall on the shoulder. For some hairdo 'you cheeky styling hair in two braids to roll up and collect in the neck in two nice "onions."
• Even a simple ponytail hairstyle can be an elegant hairstyle if you hide the rubber band rolling up a strand of hair around tail head. Hair must be perfectly smooth on length, the front you can choose: either stopping them combs his hair back with some bobby pins or opt for a long straight fringe.
• If you prefer your hair loose, the look disheveled look comes to your aid, provided that you do not have hair too thin. You have long hair and bulky you can bet on a hairstyle for wavy hair that will make you appear casual romantic and just drop it on his shoulders in a soft and natural. You can dry your hair upside down to get more volume but do treat them with specific products to avoid the ugly frizz. If you're looking instead for long hair and curly hairstyle password and favor: Avoid curlers and hairstyles coronate, let them dry naturally and use a mousse that defines curls without weighing it down.
• If you are a nostalgic eighties know that the hairstyles are back in fashion in Friesland to achieve or with the appropriate plate or making small braid on wet hair.


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Hairstyle for Long Hair

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This article was published on 2010/11/11