Hair Loss In Men

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Men of all ages are left to deal with suffering from hair loss. Loss of hair normally starts as a receding hairline which is noticed by the temples and at the top of the head. Not having hair isn't a major problem since it has no effect on the state of health, however no one wants to become bald as it affects looks. Hair loss is something many can live with so if you feel you are one of these people then treatment isn't necessary. But there are some situations where loss of hair is an indication of some sicknesses so make sure you have yourself checked if you find that your hair loss problem is unusual.

When men's hair starts to thin and shrink, this is one of the first signs of balding. You can expect that balding will occur soon after this. Loss of hair can be caused by a range of things from hereditary reasons to a hormonal imbalance. Certainly women suffer from hair loss too, but since men have testosterone which is the root cause of hair loss, this condition occurs more in men.

Most men around the world experience loss of hair for whatever reason it may be. This condition is usually not a major health risk, but as said previously, it can possibly be an indicator of some illnesses. To be on the safe side, always go see a doctor to clear yourself of any sickness. There have also been observations that most men who suffer from loss of hair also have a greater risk of obtaining heart disease.

Many can say that loss of hair is more a problem with looks, but since it could be a sign of something more serious, it should be given attention. When you notice that your hair is thinning, before it becomes worse, you should start finding solutions. You can avoid this condition from occurring when you care for your hair while it is still there rather than when it is completely gone.

The two treatments normally utilized for this condition is Minoxidil and Propecia. Aside from those, herbal treatments such as Saw Palmetto are also available, which is said to be effective and safe. All these treatments are meant to promote hair re-growth while stopping hair loss from occurring.

Men are more likely to experience hair loss compared to women, especially since women are more nurturing to their hair. If you are a man, start caring for your hair before it is too late.
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Loss of hair is a common problem most men face. To know how to treat this condition, visit the site on Hair Loss.

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Hair Loss In Men

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This article was published on 2010/10/06