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Basics for hair loss

What you should know?

For all those who are looking for a hair loss treatment, I have covered some basic information which everybody should be familiar with. This article covers some basics subjects like:

  • How hair grows?
  • Why hair grows?
  • Why people lose their hair?
  • Treatment for hair loses.

I will also suggest some ways or best possible products which can help to stop hair loss and then how to let them growing again.

How & why hair grows?

Human’s hair growth is always unstable; it means while some hair grows that time some hairs remains in resting stage. Normally, for a person who is not losing his hairs, about 90% of the hairs on his head are in a 2-7 years growing phase.  The remaining 10% are in a phase of experiencing a 2-4 month resting phase.  As one hair sheds, a new one replaces it.  This is a process which repeats itself over and over again for many years in most of the people.

Problem of hair loss occurs when this continues process becomes skewed.  Instead of the increment in re-growth rate of hairs faster than the shed rate, it decreases, thus, in result to this shedding exceeds the rate of re-growth.

Why people lose their hair?

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a kind of hormone. Presence of this hormone is directly linked with hair loss.DHT hormone is formed when testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase merge.  This excess of DHT leads to follicles that grow back shorter and thinner. After some time, this DHT imbalance leads to baldness.

Reason behind DHT imbalance is believed to be caused by genetics or an underlying medical condition.

Why people lose their hair?

In continuation to the above information, there are several other factors which can cause temporary hair loss.

Some of the reasons behind hair loss are:

  1. Improper Nutrition supply in body
  2. Different Medications
  3. Hair damaging products
  4. Heavy medical treatments
  5. Scalp Disease or Infection
  6. Disease

Most of these can be treatable with a variety of products that are available at various shops according to prescription.  It is advised to consult the doctor to help diagnose the problem.

Treatment for hair lose

There are some basic methods for the treatment of hair loss. Some of these treatments are helpful to stop hair loss while others are useful to re-grow hair.  These treatments include:

  1. Ant androgens- It prevents DHT from combining or binding with androgen receptors.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory- It is designed to prevent inflammation, redness, and itching that occurs on the scalp and make hair loss worse.
  3. DHT Inhibitors- It is designed to restore a healthy balance of shedding and re-growth by limiting the production of DHT, which leads to hair loss in some if left unchecked
  4. Growth Stimulants- This treatment is designed to stimulate the growth of new hair.
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Hair Loss

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This article was published on 2009/02/04