Hair Care is Important for Hair Health

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As it is known that peacock is known for beauty of its brilliant attractive feathers. Similarly, in human strata hair and hair style matters a lot. Too much styling like perming, straightening and bleaching is the main reason to the teens hair loss nowadays. The hair roots become so weak that when hair starts falling they come straight away out of their root. Shower drains, comb and pillows becomes the sight of hair fall. Virtual beginning of thinning hair and finally hair loss can also lead to several emotional stresses. People start spending hours spending after their hair thickness getting transparent day by day.


When men or women face significant hair loss it is very important to look out for the cause. Other than styling the other main reasons like, hormones are also responsible for major hair loss. Increased secretion of hormones like estrogen and testosterone leads to thinning of hair. When an individual faces a lot of stress the hair shifts to rest phase. When the body metabolism slows down, a person faces hair loss. Sometimes fever and other diseases also starts hair fall. Even though sometimes women face nutritional hair fall when they feel that they are taking the proper diet. Protein intake in your diet chart is very important. People mostly suffering from nutritional baldness mostly face symptoms like immunity disorder, fatigue, and blood sugar imbalances.


Hair fall problems are often elusive and serious. There are many reasons that can trigger hair fall like iron deficiency, diabetes, lupus and etc. Medications also turn up with different side effects that lead to hair fall. It is important to keep in mind that more than 290 drugs constitute of a side effect of hair fall. Few drugs like antidepressants, amphetamines, birth control pills etc are the ones that lead to hair fall after consumption. People use several therapies to the cause of thinning hair. It is the diet where a patient needs to start. There should be adequate amount of protein and vitamin a in the balanced diet. Cod liver oil should be avoided because it causes cellular damage to the root of the hair.


Women averagely start up with thinning hair at the age of 25 to 35. This mostly occurs due to genetics. It is no way to blame the mothers because it is genetically passed over by the mother genes generations after generations. In thinning hair the total number of hair doesn’t decrease but a single hair itself shrinks.

There are few typical tips to healthy hair-

Too much of crash diet should be avoided, and an individual must eat well. Balance diet with high protein and vitamin food should be followed.


Chemicals in perms and in some dies are very harmful that makes the hair rough and dries the root. Those dies and colorings should be avoided.


Hair should be protected from any kind of solar rays, this causes thinning of hair. Coffee extracts are good for hair.


After swimming in a pool the hair should be thoroughly washed, so that the chlorine is removed.


If you can suspect that the hair fall is from hormonal disorder you should visit a doctor.

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Hair loss has been a reason to depression in both boys and girls. Nitai is a good place where you can get effective solutions to this problem that will help you out with your thinning hair problem. Other than medicines and treatment it is also important to maintain a proper food schedule that would include high protein and vitamin food.

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Hair Care is Important for Hair Health

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Hair Care is Important for Hair Health

This article was published on 2012/01/19