Genetic Hair Loss - Learn How to Re-Grow Healthy Hair Despite Genetic Hair Loss

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It can be very frustrating to have genetic hair loss, especially if your siblings don't suffer from it too! All is not lost however as even this type of loss of hair can be tackled effectively with the right natural nutrients.

With genetic hair loss the reason for thinning is usually not your hair falling out, but your body's ability to promote hair growth, with the follicles simply stopping to produce new ones.

It has been found that DHT, a by-product of testosterone, attaches to the follicles and gradually constricts them until the hair falls out. There are many natural nutrients that can not only block DHT but also boost your overall health in the process.

As most of us suffer from relatively poor diets due to the falling nutritional value in our food today, a natural supplement can only be a good thing!

The B vitamins are amongst the most important with Biotin and B6 being especially useful for strong healthy hair, skin and nails, encouraging new growth while helping to maintain your existing hair.

Genetic hair loss sufferers can also benefit from zinc and magnesium as well as some special herb extracts long used for their healing and hair growth powers.

Saw Palmetto from slow growing dwarf palms can significantly help to block DHT as well as maintaining good prostate health, which was its original use. Others include Pumpkin, Muria Puama and Nettle root.

This combination of natural nutrients has been shown to boost new hair growth, whether because of genetic hair loss or other reasons like stress and lifestyle, while helping to maintain optimum health and also deal with stress more effectively.

If you are patient and happy to see the return of your hair over the coming months, then these ingredients will help that happen.

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Genetic Hair Loss - Learn How to Re-Grow Healthy Hair Despite Genetic Hair Loss

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This article was published on 2010/03/26